Thursday, 18 October 2012

Random stuff about living in Dublin

Somewhere out there there are beer, tramps and people who will ask for your cigarettes!
There's a few things that I've learned in my 1st month of living in Dublin. Now I'm going to by pass a lot of the more obvious stuff like pubs etc and concentrate on the things that slowly gnaw away at you. Like for example if you are a smoker, and are walking around places such as Camden street after dark there is a 60% chance that someone, a some point will ask you for a cigarette. (Edit: having headphones on stops this)

The same as during the day you will see beggars on most corners. If you gave to them all it would bankrupt you, some appear to be 'career beggers' who are not as desperate as some others. So whether you give to any, alll or none is up to you, but like any big city they are pretty much unavoidable unless it is pissing it down with rain.

Now as I've touched on before, thre are a LOT of pubs in Dublin, probably more than 1 person could drink in in one lifetime. Its very easy to get tempted to visit a different one each night before you turn around and realise that you're never at home in your flat. Just because everyone speak english does not mean they do things the same way as england, scotland or wales or any other country fo tthat matter. There are distinct ways things are done over here that you'll come across yourself and are far numerous to mention in detail here.

I'd urge you to set up a bank account as soon as you can to make life a bit easier while your here, and you'll need a passport and some sort of proof of your address (a bill will do fine, but you'll need to wait for ti to come first. There may well be another quicker way that I'm not aware of.)

It also rains a fair bit in Dublin and when it does...boy oh boy does it hammer it down. So make sure you have a waterproof coat as there's nothing worse than walking to and from work soaked to the skin as if you've been in a shower with your clothes on.

If you need to buy something whether it be clothes or something for your flat stephens green is worth a look and your best bet is aplace called 'Dunnes', Although there are a few places with cheap plates and cutlery etc in camden street as well.

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  1. I have to say this is most usefull guide I've seen about Dublin (maybe cos it's first). I hope I'll meet you someday to share some thoughts about 3D.