Monday, 11 March 2013

Drink! (My Favorite Pubs and Clubs in Dublin part 1)

If your working in Dublin for the 1st time you will at some point encoutner  pubs...ok thats a slight lie, you will see them everywhere! So I thought I would do a Wayne guide to some of my favorite places in Dublin when out for a drink.  I'll give you a basic pro's and cons to each one.  This is part 1.... there may well be a part 2 and a part 3 lol.

Scruffy Murphys

Sort of the Screeen Scene local on a friday night, your normal pub, everything from guinness to whiskey is great, no bad beers and a very relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.  The sofa's get taken up rather fast if your not in early and there is usually some sort of sport on the television in one end of the bar.  If your a smoker you'll have to do that outside (although there is a heater thingy that you can stick on.)


Sort of the 2nd Screen Scene local and a bit more 'up market'  Has not one but two indoor smoking areas and the guinness is especially nice.   There are two pool tables and it does apparenttly serve meals (although I haven't had cause to have one there).   Queues at the bar arent too bad and bar staff are freindly and quick.

The Grand Social (nightclub)

Full of a lot of young un's and beer isnt exactly awe inspiring.  The music alternates between crap and pretty decent.  Not exaclty a place for an older person, they are however open late and have an in door smoking area up stairs (which is always more packed than the rest of the nightclub).  There's a cloakrom to leave your....erm  cloak and shit.

The Button Factory

Bit more swanky, has actual nice seats and I would say got for the bottled beers as otherwise you get a fucking little plasetic cup thingy (and I dont know about you, but I do not want to drink beer out of an effing plastic maxpax cup.)  They do have some good gigs and it does draw in a more sensible crowd when I've been there.  (The sound system also has a kickin bottom end!)

The Twisted Pepper (nightclub)

Probably my favorite place music wise.  I came across the twisted pepper one of my first weekends in Dublin to see Craig Cahrles do his DJ Funk and Soul show set (which was fantastic BTW!)  The pepper is like a maze of rooms and is on multiple levels.  Now it doesnt look very posh or swanky but has a good selection of techno, bands that do gigs on a weekend and an indoor smoking area next to the toilets on the top level.  It has the only cloakroom I've ever seen that has a bottom of jeagermiester in it.   It is open pretty damn late into the early hours for those into that sort of thing.

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