Thursday, 28 March 2013

Well This is it....

I'm currently sitting back home in england after my 6 1/2month stint as 3d supervisor at screen scene working on last days on mars.   So its now time to wind up this blog as I'm no longer in Dublin and certainly no longer the 'man in apartment 12'.

The blog is intended to be read form the earliest posts to the most recent ones, and should you have just came across this then I should point out that it contains no 3d / CGI or art stuff at all.... this is primarily one guys guide to living and working in dublin.  its basically a rough overview of my experiences coming there cold, having never been before.

What I will say is that it was a tremendous experience and I cant wait to work over there again.  Hopefully you'l find the stuff contained within these pages of use.

Toodle Pipski


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