Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Sooner or later your going to want something to eat as man cannot survive on coffee and guinness alone.  So here's a few recommendation of mine to check out.


ok so why have I stuck a kebab shop first?  Well I don't care what kebab you have ever had or how good you think it was, Zaytoons is the only place where you can honesty call it proper food.  The only draw back is every kebab you ever have anywhere else will taste like a turd sandwich in comparison.
Avoid any 'abrakebabra' ones and certainly avoid the little kebab place on baggot street..thats little kiosk not only produces stuff that tastes awful, but I also got food poisoning there.

Al Vesuvio

I recommend the diavola pizza, although they have some excellent italian food and its worth every penny.  Its also a cheaper alternative to Milano, or it there is full


Excellent pizzas.... worth waiting for them in fact.   Its a little more expensive but it is worth it to my mind.  It gets very busy on a lunchtime so the wait can get a bit long then.

Beshoff Brothers

The best fish and ships in dublin....  flawless every single time I have been in.  Also good if you want to give your stoma he some time to recover if you have a hangover.

The Schoolhouse Bar

Nice place, with a good selection of food and even gluten free options.  None of us ever had anything other than an excellent meal there.  Quite and perfect place if you have to have a lunch meeting or simply need to get away form work stuff for an hour.

Millers Pizza Kitchen

Excellent pizza..... I recommend the Capricossa ;)

Dominos pizza in Rathmines

Avoid, its like eating plastic...burnt plastic in fact.


Recommended for only one thing...their sausage sarnies.... epic and spot on.

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