Saturday, 9 March 2013


While over here I had problems with oneof my fillings falling out, so queue a trip to a dentists.  It turned out that I had an infection, but only after the dentists had missed this (leaving me 9 injections later able to feel every thing during a root canal!) 

Now the one thing you really do not want to experience is a dentist looking down at you whilke you have what seems like a full dental surgery's worth of tools in you in mouth with a look of fear in their eyes....  What you also do not want is for them halfway through to say that this is 'beyond their skill level'  and basically get you out of there as fast as possible. 

So if you have cause to have any derntal treatment in dublin, make sure you get a good recommendation and dont just go to a one that is only capable of 'cosmetic' dentistry.  As a result I'll now have to wait until I am back at home in the UK and hope my usual dentist can sort this mess out.

I leave dublin at the end of march, so this blog will probably end around then as I will no longer be in 'Apartment 12'.   Hopefully it'll have been  / be of some use to those who are folling over to dublin to work here.


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